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The Mystery Of The Norton Family

The mystery of the Norton family

We are in England, during the Victorian era. At this moment, in this place, he began to circulate a strange legend, a rumour, which concerned one of the wealthiest families in London, the Nortons. This family, which boasted links with the royal family, had very influential knowledge in politics and in the industrial field, which in a short time led them to create a real financial empire, especially in the textile industry, with scattered factories. throughout England. The Nortons, exploiting the workers who worked in their industries, soon reached the peak of success, and of power.

Then, something happened that irrevocably undermined the fame of the Norton family: in 1886, in the basement of a textile industry belonging to the Norton galaxy, the body of a child was found. The child was only 9 years old, and was recognized as one of the many workers, almost reduced to the status of slaves, who worked for the Nortons. The other workers immediately began to murmur, spreading alarming news (at least for the Nortons) on the conditions of work they were forced to do, and in a short time the news that the Nortons were like slaves.

The newspapers, although the Nortons tried to stem the scandal, blamed the master, Roy W. Norton, of the murder, adding details and painting the man as a pervert. In fact, many rumors began to circulate, promoted by the farmers who went to the Norton for various reasons (first of all to bring wool to spin), according to which Roy Norton often had ambiguous attitudes with their children, and as the rumors they nurtured suspicions, Roy Norton was portrayed as a man who had incestuous relationships even with his own children, for whom Norton actually showed a morbid attachment.

From that moment, various rumours and legends found an outlet in the press of the time, and there was one, in particular, that helped to coin for the Nortons, the nickname of "devil's family".

Norton's disease

Everything has its origin, unfortunately, from an illness. The Norton family indeed had a genetic predisposition to contracting Lyme disease. At the time, little was known about this infectious disease of bacterial origin, which was considered incurable. The cause of the disease is a spiraling bacterium, the Borrelia burgdorferi, which normally infests ticks. It is at the time when a tick bite occurs to a man or animal that the disease is transmitted. People who became ill had first visual symptoms, with small skin rashes, which within a few days (at most a week) extended to become erythema the size of a coin or, in severe cases, they could get to spread throughout the back. Often the erythema was accompanied by fever, headache, neck stiffness, muscle aches and exhaustion.

These are the simplest symptoms, but if the disease was not treated in time, the most dangerous phases occurred, with pains and swelling in the joints, which could last even months, and further complications such as neurological damage and muscle and bone pain; cardiac disorders, such as palpitations, and real collapses were also possible.

More rarely, the disease affected the nervous system causing aseptic meningitis, inflammation of the roots of the nerves of the cervical, facial paralysis that forced the patient to assume unnatural poses with the head ... In the third and last stage of the disease behavioral instability could occur and, in cases more serious, even the loss of memory.

All this preamble to say that the Norton family was largely affected by Lyme disease. And it is in this context that we must consider the misfortunes that struck this family.

From 1865 to 1896, 6 members of the Norton family were killed in mysterious circumstances: the chronicles of the time show the testimony of an elderly aunt of the Norton who claimed to be possessed by evil entities, who had entered the head pssando from the ears. The thing obviously aroused much sensation, which turned into horror when one day the woman went down into the street, screaming in despair, saying that he felt the insects walking in the head, and ended up hitting the temple with a pair of scissors, dying on strike.

After that, the Norton family shut themselves up in complete press silence, with the spotlight on her, especially after the scandal that had struck Roy W. Norton. However, many were the curious who did everything to sneak into the house of the Nortons, in order to immortalize them in compromising situations, wishing only to discredit them even more in the eyes of British society.

Unfortunately, the rumors grew even more when, due to the disease that had affected them, many family members were forced to wear masks, even in public, which had the sole purpose of covering the facial deformities that the disease caused them. Unfortunately, the masks were worn during the day and during every occasion, even while they were at home, giving rise to the suspicion that in reality the Norton wore those masks because they were part of some satanic sect and that in the Norton house took place cults and rituals inspired by Satanism.

The photo you see, in fact, refers precisely to the Norton family and the masks they wear ... which, indeed, are quite disturbing.

When the rumor that some plainclothes officers had discovered some members of the family while performing a hidden ritual, hidden in one of their country houses, the Norton family was torn to pieces by the public, were accused of being adherents of satan and to practice black magic and to be directly responsible for the deaths of many of the employees employed in the Norton industries.

Since then they have been nicknamed "the family of the Devil" and were completely relegated to the background, disappearing from the aristocratic life of Victorian London. (Ghosts , Mysteries ,Facts & Trivia)

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