About Us

Originally starting out from a simple YouTube channel set up by John Clarke, this website was launched to help bring more content to our subscribers in one easy place. We are in the process of trying to set up email notifications to notify people of our new content. One of the reasons behind this is firstly to have all our content in one place and to notify people of when we add new material as the youtube notification system does not work for some people.

The original channel was found in May 2016 and then 10 months afterwards Carole Norton joined as channel manager. A little while after Julian joined to write the music for the channel. Today we have Kelly Ann Groll and Linda Lovehate as managers as well as Carole
This website is ran by two Musicians from West Wales, who have known each other for over 40 years. One of these musicians is Julian Murphy, who’s music you can hear on the videos since July 2017. The other business partner, John Clarke is himself a songwriter and he takes care of the collating and editing of the videos you see in our channel. Julian now co-produces videos on our "It's A Weird World" channel now as well as composing the music on our "The Wonderful World Of Weirdness" Channel. We will be adding Merchandise to this blog as well as other ideas and adding the full catalog of over 500 videos onto here as well. Any feedback is welcome.

Video below is of the the wwow origin which started everything


  1. Hi, it's Mummah Darling! How are you! Just looking around & wanting to sub to the newsletter!✌💙🌼

  2. We have a follow by email option ? This sends an email out once a day or when we update new stuff on the site. Don't have a newsletter as yet but planning to have a news section on the site very soon. To set up follow by email you click the option on the right side of the site. It will ask for your email and sends out a confirmation link which you must click on or otherwise it won't work. If you are using a mobile and cannot see this then scroll down to very bottom of the page and click web version and this will then show you the "Follow By Email" Option on the right. Thanks any problems let me know :)


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