Tuesday 13 August 2019

Is The Devil Real ?

Is the devil real is the question of the day ? Please let us know what you think ? This is a new video off our weird world channel.
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  1. The greatest trick Satan ever pulled was convincing humans he did nt exist! Of course he does!

  2. No one here has said he doesn't but there are people out there who do not think he does. This video was to bring the topic up for debate only.

  3. No debate! Look at the world today. Repent .. 👑📿
    If you know just a little of the bible, jesus says beware and pray everyday against the devil.
    Do not quote me!! Its laimens term°

  4. This video was for people to give their reasons to believe or not believe and not for someone to try and push their views onto others. Also did you watch the video or are you reacting to the title ?

  5. yes he's real, but only with the help of humans.
    it's got no sway over the rest of the animal kingdom.


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