Thursday 17 December 2020

WWOW News Blog 17/10/2020

 Hi guys I just thought I would let you know what is going on in the world of weirdness. When I started the channel back in 2015 it was a sort of calling as described in the video I made on the It's A Weird World Channel a while back. There has been many highs and lows during the time since including gaining a thousand subs in 1 day and having 300000 views in a day as well. And the lows multilple demonetizations and stuff. This channel became my job as well as looking after my son. So when we had issues mentioned above it hit me quite hard. But anyway we battled on and made the channel a success that it is today.

                                                                                                                                                 Around last year I started to get a bit burned out and stuggled to make videos so often. This also was the time of the multi demonetizations and stuff so was a difficult year but we ploughed on. We got remonetized in January this year but at the same time we had to declare obviously to youtube our channel was not for kids. We lost 3 quarters of our views overnight. So yet again youtube gave on one hand remonetizing us and took it from the other. But despite that the vibe started to come back and after the video I made in March was really fired up for the future. But the next thing we were plunged into a nationwide lockdown which lasted 5 months.

                                                                Now I had my son at home so making videos was impossible. When I make a video it can take up to a week and this is hard to explain but when I create the video its like going into another world. Because of the situation I was in it was impossible to do this. So then in september my son was back in school so was all fired up to get going again, only for my brother in law to snap some of his knee ligaments. He works on the family farm so I had had to help with potato picking there which lasted a few weeks. So again tried to get into the vibe to get going and then next thing my father in law has a stroke so this meant more emotional upheaval especially for my partner. 

                                                                                                                                                So again we picked up the pieces and then on a sunday night we had the news schools were closed for 2 weeks because of the covid situation again near where I live. My son went back to school only for a few weeks later the school to close again for 2 weeks. We tried to get going and yet again the school closed for an extra week before the holidays. Between this and other in laws health issues its been a very difficult time for us and many of you out there. I am writing this as if I put it on a video half of what i had to say I would forget. Once this covid BS is over with or at least becomes a much smaller problem we will be back to normal making videos. Julian is making the "It's A Weird World" Videos fully and I am just ticking away on my game channel and tik tok channel just to keep me sane. 

                                                                                                                                          As I wrote this I found out Wales is going to have another lockdown just after christmas for a minimum of 3 weeks aRRGGHHH !!!! Peace


  1. Just keep on keeping on,John. The real fans & subs for this channel will be here when the dust settles. And the videos you've made are good enough to watch over again until then. Take care, & tell Julian hello from Texas,....y'all be safe.

  2. Totally understand and will wait for your next video - you just concentrate on Family right now. Take care and stay strong and healthy . Upstate NY


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